The British Scholarship Trust offers grants for short-term research at universities throughout the United Kingdom to graduate students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Our grants are awarded to students registered for a masters or doctorate at a university in any of the countries listed above.

If you are considering undertaking research related to your postgraduate studies abroad or need to spend a month at a university library in the UK reading books and journals related to your research, apply to the British Scholarship Trust for funding.

 Applicants should normally be under 30 years of age, but exceptional circumstances may be considered. Please see the Scholarships page for further details of eligibility and the application form.


Benefit from access to library resources that may not be available at your home institution.


Further your current academic work here in the UK. 


Make new contacts with institutions and colleagues abroad for your future career.

I often think of my time in England, it was beyond every expectation – simply beautiful, a gift.”  “I often think of my time in England, it was beyond every expectation – simply beautiful, a gift.”  

Katarina Lukšić

Agriculture, Croatia, 2017-18

“I can really say that my experience in UK enriched my life in so many different ways and none of it would have been possible if it was not for the British Scholarship Trust.”  

Sandra Nakić

Psychology, Croatia, 2010-11

Hear from some more of our successful grantees:

“To win this prestigious scholarship is a great responsibility and the awareness of it was an incentive to use my stay in England in the most efficient way. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the British Scholarship Trust for this opportunity, which I will continue to justify through my future personal, professional and academic engagement.”

Andreja Mihailović

Law, Montenegro, 2017-18

“It was an amazing experience for me, once again I want to say thanks to BST. My research visit helped a lot on my academic journey, it widened my perspective not only in a scientific way but cultural and social as well. I had an opportunity to travel around the UK, meet new people from all around the world and establish friendships that will stay forever.”

Igor Bošnjak

Production Management, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018-19

My visit to Lancaster University was a turning point in my studies and career. After the visit, I worked on a several national projects in Serbia aimed at improving education and pupils’ learning.

Slaviša Radović

Technology Enhanced Learning, Serbia, 2013-14

“I would like to express my gratitude to the board of the British Scholarship Trust being aware that without this grant and award my PhD project would not have this profundity. During my stay in London in 2017, I had access to the enormous collection of books from the British Film Institute and I also collaborated with the Royal Society for Blind Children and delivered sound workshops to blind people which was of utmost importance for my PhD thesis and research. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given.”

Dora Filipović

Film Studies, Serbia, 2017-18

“Completing this research visit broadened my horizons, helped me implement new approaches in my PhD, thus contributing to my country and the institute where I work, and at the same time increasing my self-confidence.”

Angela Poposka

Earthquake Engineering, North Macedonia, 2019-20

I am immensely happy I learned everything (and more) I wanted and planned when I was applying for the scholarship. Still, I think the most important thing I have gained is independence and friendship. I spent my working hours with four great and selfless women who made me feel like a part of their group from day one. They taught me so much, not just about lab work but about life, persistence and the true meaning of community. This scholarship and my three-month stay in Cardiff were a wonderful and valuable experience I will never forget.

Andrea Tumpa

Molecular Medicine, Croatia, 2019-20