Application Criteria

This section provides detailed information regarding the Trust’s criteria for the award of a grant, and the process of application. 

Eligibility criteria:

In order to be considered for a scholarship, candidates should:

  • Be currently enrolled on a post-graduate course in their home country
  • Possess an excellent academic track record
  • Demonstrate a good proficiency in English
  • Describe how a period of study in the UK will further their academic work and how this may benefit the scholar’s home and/or host institution
  • Have a well-considered workplan for their study visit
  • Commit to the submission of a report to the BST within 6 weeks of completing their study visit. 
  • Be aged 30 or under on 1st October in the academic year of the study visit (However, we encourage older women and men whose academic work has been disrupted for family or other reasons to apply. The reasons should be stated clearly in the application).

Please note: Preference is given to candidates who have not previously studied abroad and to candidates who have made contact with the institution they wish to visit in the UK.

Process overview and timeline:

Applications are made via the relevant Institution in your home country (contact details can be found here). Applications that are correctly completed are then forwarded to the British Scholarship Trust for detailed assessment. 

Applications are made through the submission of a completed application form and the provision of a study proposal, CV, and references. (The application form and detailed information about what you need to submit can be found here).

The Trust can provide basic advice about obtaining visas where necessary. Travel expenses to the UK and to the UK host institution will be borne by the student or their home institution.

Please remember that the Trust cannot pay tuition fees for taught courses. If any ‘Bench fees’ are required, these must be agreed in advance before starting the visit. 


01 March      Deadline for the receipt of applications in your home country

25 May          The BST Board completes final selection of candidates 

31 May          Successful candidates notified